It is very interesting to date London Escorts and I am Lucky to have that pleasure



One of the best thing that happened to my life is to found the love of my life finally. I never thought that I would end up with someone beautiful inside and out. Many people have asked me how we maintain a healthy relationship. Simple, always give love and trust with each other. One leading cause of break up is cheating. There are many forms of cheating, lying to your partner, hiding something to him/her, or secrets. Keeping a healthy relationship is like taking care of a newborn baby, you have to handle it with care. Happy couples are happy because of treating each other like a best friend too, where you can laugh at each other’s problem or create embarrassing moments together. If you bond with each other like a best friend, you can build a foundation that is more than a relationship, a bond that’s not easy to break.


My name is Jack Foster; I live in Melbourne, Australia and twenty-seven years old. I am an adventurous guy and prefer outdoor sports. I love to travels and create new memories. I like to photograph everything that important to me and worth remembering. My family has business here in Australia, and as an only child, I will ready myself to take it soon. But for now, I want to enjoy myself. I went to London because of its one of the beautiful destination on my bucket list. I travel around London, and I was not mistaken to find amazing places and beautiful people. I took pictures in everything that’s worth remembering, and one girl caught my attention when I saw her on my photograph. She looks like a model and has a perfect face. I walk towards her and ask if I can sit beside her. She let me in and have a little discussion with her. I know that she is a London escort and I think she is suited to it since she has a perfect look. I asked for her number, and she gave me. I tried to book her, and we both laugh when we meet. We talk a lot about life, our hobbies, dreams, and goals. I like her personalities and her treatment with me. Months passed of staying, we became a couple and shared many memories with each other. I am thankful to have her since she loves me so much and take good care of me. She is a kind of girl that knows how to be contented. She always surprises me with little things and appreciates her efforts. She understood me more than anyone else and supported my decisions in life. She is my everything, and I can’t express enough her kind of love to me.


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