Slutty Girls Only Need Apply

I can’t get enough of dating escorts to tell you the truth. Sure, I have tried to stay away from dating escorts, but to tell you the truth, I think that I am a bit of a lost cause. There is nothing better than the slutty girls at Aldgate escorts. Sure, dating top class escorts is probably fun, but I happen to be one of those guys who really like slutty girl, and the best escort agency in London for slutty girls, is Aldgate escorts services in

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How did I end up dating slutty girls? The funny thing is that I come from a really nice family so you would not have thought that I would be into dating slutty girls at all. When I first started to date escorts in London, I used to date a lot of high class call girls, but after an experience on a night out with the boys, I gave up on that. It was one of the guy’s stag do, and he had organized for some of the slutty girls from Aldgate escorts to attend. I had a great time, and since then I have been hooked on dating slutty girls.


I must admit that I did not start to date Aldgate escorts immediately after that fatal stag do. Instead I tried to find slutty girls at some of the top escort agencies in London. I kept checking out various ones but I did not really manage to find any slutty girls at any of them. Yes, it is nice to date top escorts, but I wanted them to be slutty and I could not get that at all. After that I also went on a visit to the US for two weeks, and got totally addicted to dating slutty girls. It was great and I loved it.


When I came back to London, I knew that I had the phone number to Aldgate escorts burning a whole in my pocket somewhere, so I called the agency. I had not expected the agency to be as professional as the top class escort agencies that I had used to date in London, but it was a really good service. It also turned out that it was cheaper to date escorts in Aldgate. I love the idea of that, and I soon started to date escorts for longer.


Will I ever get over my addiction to escorts and slutty girls? No, I don’t think so, but it does not really matter. I am not one of those guys who look for serious relationships all of the time. Instead I just like to have some fun, and the best way to have some fun, I have found to be with the slutty girls from Aldgate escorts. As long as the escort agency in Aldgate remains open, I will be more than a happy boy. Sure, I like to treat myself to a high class date from time to time, but at the end of the day, the girls from the escort agency in Aldgate are the ones for me. They are real sluts and there is nothing like a slut any day of the week.



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