Rick Wanted Anal But His Wife Was Not Having It!

Rick has been married to his wife for many years. While Paula was a beautiful woman, she was kind of boring in the bedroom. Rick has a strong sex drive and wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. He wanted to try anal with Paula, but every time he tried she would make him stop. Paula was not having it. This really upset him, but he decided he had to give up on the idea of having anal sex.

One late summer day, Rick was talking to his best friend Randy about his problems in the bedroom. He tells Randy that he really wanted to try anal but his wife refuses to go along with his wishes. Randy decided he was going to do something to help Rick with his situation. So he started searching for an escort to help Rick fulfill his dream of having anal sex. He looked around online and found some really amazing London escorts. After looking at a quite a few of them he found one that he thought his friend would simply love. Randy called the service and set up a date for Rick. He told Rick about his plan, and Rick was very excited about the chance of actually getting to try anal for the first time!

Randy let Rick use his house for the date so that Rick’s wife would not find out about the date. The escort was a beautiful Asian woman named Kim. She had silky black hair, a thin frame, and a perfect round ass. She was very nice to Rick and the two really hit it off. Kim was very talkative and she made Rick feel very comfortable even in the beginning.

Rick led Kim into the bedroom and the fun began! They started kissing on the bed and then things got really hot and sexy. Kim took off her short dress and got into the doggy style position. Rick quickly put his condom on and lubed up. He then eased his large manhood inside Kim’s juicy round ass. This made Kim moan with excitement. She seemed to enjoy it just as much as Rick did, if not more. After this amazing experience having anal sex for the first time, Rick was finally sexually satisfied. He was really thankful to his friend for the very nice thing that he did for him.


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